GE 3030 in-service coal quality fast-analyzer

The GE 3030 coal fast-analyzer enables fast analysis of non-combustible content and calorific value of coal samples immediately on site or in the laboratory. Operational evaluation of coal quality can significantly raise processing efficiency and consequently also keep running costs lower.

Coal stands for one of the most important energy sources. The need of saving all kinds of energy is strongly emphasized nowadays and though the coal mining and efficient processing becomes the first-degree interest. The need of immediate coal quality evaluation or evaluation in reasonably short time results from the requirements of combustion and mining process optimization.

Basic description

The unit is intended for fast measurement of ash content and calorific value of coal samples. The unit is produced as desktop unit, the whole measurement is performed with no user manipulation with samples in the radiation beam. After putting the sample into the measurement container and closing the cover, the sample is moved to the measurement radiation beam. The measurement is performed automatically. After finishing the measurement, the sample is automatically moved out of the radiation beam for user manipulation. The complete information on the measurement process is displayed on the touchscreen user interface panel with possibility of data transfer to the supervisory system. System setup and calibration can be also performed using the user interface panel in a simple and user-friendly way.

Basic technical data

Sample weight approx.3,5 kg
Allowed sample granularityup to 20 mm
Measurement rangeaccording to requirements
Measurement accuracybetter than ± 0,5 %
Measurement time3 - 10 min
Power feed180 - 260V, AC, 40 - 60 Hz
Sample container size191 x 123 x 130 mm
Unit size800 x 850 x 600 mm
Weight75 kg

Measurement principle

The measurement method evaluates the coal non-combustible content according to differences of attenuation of two gamma beams of different energy passing through the coal. While the changes in chemical composition in the ash content are low, there’s a significant correlation between the ash content and the average proton number. The measurement beam is passing through coal sample while the resulting radiation is evaluated by detector with control unit. Based on the retrieved attenuation values of radiation beams the control unit can compute the ash content and calorific values.

Device main components:

1. Detector
2. User interface panel
3. Evaluation unit
4. Sample positioning drive
5. Sample container
6. Radiation source container
7. Control unit