GE 3000 On-line radiometric coal ash content analyzer

GE 3000 enables online monitoring of actual values of the non-combustible content in coal flow on the conveyer belt and can provide information on quality and quantity of coal passing through the given technology in the real time. Using the GE 3000 can improve the mining process efficiency or optimize coal consumption in combustion process, which leads to significant costs saving.

Basic description

The GE 3000 stands for a third generation of online coal ash content analyzers (ashmeters). We have made the best of our more than 20 years of experience in the field of contactless coal quality monitoring and also our important customers’ needs.

The GE 3000 as the independent measurement device is able to provide maximum of realtime information on quality and quantity of material passing through the technology.

The measurement method evaluates the coal non-combustible content according to differences of attenuation of two gamma beams of different energy passing through the coal. The method fulfills all common regulations in relation to safety and healthprotection.

The detection stage is placed on supporting frame installed on the conveyer belt in the place of measurement. It contains two radiation sources in protecting container placed under the belt, radiation detector and intelligent mathematic unit. The design of the detection stage is focused on maximum reliability and safety. The measurement radiation beam is directed through the conveyer belt, while the presence of persons nearby the device is not limited in any way.

The control stage provides user-friendly operational interface with displaying the data on the touchscreen panel. The control stage can be installed directly in operator workplace. Inside the control stage box, there are accessible terminals for connection of communication interfaces and other analog or digital inputs and outputs.

It is possible to connect several remote terminals to the GE3000 and so distribute the data to different places if needed. The terminals can handle several tasks or also more than one ashmeter according to the use of each operator workplace. Measured and diagnostic data are stored automatically for reverse evaluation.

Main features

  • Enables direct measurement on the conveyer belt without crushing.
  • No sampling equipment required.
  • Doesn’t affect conveyer belt operation.
  • No contact with the running coal.
  • No limitation of coal grain size, from coal dust upto the extracted coal.
  • Measurement accuracy not influenced by the layer thickness
  • Highly resistive to vibrations, mechanical load and electromagnetic interference
  • Enables to build a complete coal quality management system
  • Can be used in complex system of coal quality correction and management system
  • GE 3000Ex modification enables the use in explosive environment
  • Multi-lingual interface


Online ash content measurement of passing-through coal in real time

Online calorific value determination. The moisture value can by set manually or retrieve from the external moisture measurement device.

Determination of coal quantity transported by the conveyer belt (tons per hour). Based on the mathematical profile model of the conveyer and measured layer thickness value.

Batch measurement in time segment enables to calculate avarage ash content value and overall quantity value between START and STOP signals.

Measurement interrupt on stopping the conveyer will terminate storing statistics and excludes the measured values from averaging

Calibration data switching.The device can be calibrated for several types of coal. Calibration data switching can be handled from the control panel or by remote signal.

Auto power-on ensures proper operation after power drops

Analog outputs provide up to four values to be processed by further technology.

Sample applications

Coal mining management

  • Online monitoring of coal parameters at all excavators
  • Optimization of mining process by controlling the coal quantity outputs at each excavator

Coal sorting management

  • Online monitoring of input and output coal parameters
  • Coal mixture of sorted coal for desired parameters
  • Decreasing of losses on unsorted coal

Coal processing plant management

  • Online monitoring of input and output coal parameters
  • Increasing the production of coal with desired parameters
  • Decreasing of running costs

Coal expedition

  • Online monitoring of delivered coal parameters
  • Quality checking of each delivery
  • Quality range overrun payments prevention

Coal feed in power stations

  • Decrease of output power regulation losses using the prediction on coal quality
  • Optimization of combustion process using the analysis of ash residues

Steel processing plants

  • Online monitoring of coal feed quality
  • Controlling of furnace based on ash monitoring in coke

Cement factories

  • Optimization of coal feed quantity based on its quality

Coal sorting

  • Automatic rejecting of coal with high ash content
  • Storage yard management of mixing and stored coal quality overview
  • Selection of further coal processing


Basic technical data

Conveyer belt widthnot limited
Conveyer belt speednot limited
Granularity of the measured coal*up to 300 mm
Height of coal layer on the belt*20 - 350 mm
Measurement rangeas required
Accuracy of the ash content determinationbetter than ±1% abs.
Power supply230 V, 50 Hz, 100 VA
Working temperature
(detection stage)
-35°C - 50°C
Working temperature
(control stage)
0 - 50°C
Outputs*4x analog output 4 to 20 mA, galvanic isolated output assigning programmable

5x digital output, potential-free, assigning programmablevýstupní parametr je programově nastavitelný
5x digitální, pasivní, výstupní parametr je programově
Inputs4x analog voltage input, assigning programmable

4x digital passive input (max 40VDC or 24VAC), assigning programmable4x digitální pasivní (max 40VDC nebo 24VAC), funkce
je programově volitelná
Radiation sources241Am max.11,1GBq, 137Cs max. 0,37GBq
Protection coverCsAm20W
(shield insert made of wolfram pseudoalloy)
Informative values of batch equivalent165 μSv per hour at 5 cm from the cover surface outside the radiation beam, 1,9 μSv per hour at 100 cm from the cover surface outside the radiation beam, 25 μSv per hour at 100 cm from the cover surface inside the radiation beam
Detection of gamma-radiationScintillation probe
Distance between protection cover and probe1100 mm as a standard
Dimenstions (control stage)350 x 450 x 155 mm
Dimensions (detection stage)Individual by belt conveyer construction
Weight (control stage)15 kg
Weight (detection stage)Individual, approx. 120 kg
* Other options on request