Modular Dewatering Systems for Mine Water and Surface Water Drainage

Fully automated manageable from central control center or via web interface on mobile communication device.

Modular system for effective water dewatering is comprised of multiple pumping units and respective electrical control substations, which thanks to its modest size and weight can be moved easily without the need for heavy machinery. For application that requires vast and specific dewatering power, pumping units can be combined into serial or parallel connection in accordance to dewatering power requirements and height of the required transportation. 

All modules are automated, administrated from central control center or via web interface on mobile communication devices. System is flexible, powerful, efficient and especially effective during crisis situations. Reliability is ensured by modularity of all structural components, which simplifies repairs and maintenance for service technicians. This significantly reduces costs and time for eventual services and reduces the requirements for amount of stocked spare parts.


  • resistance against flow of solid particles inside the pipelines up to 80 mm
  • maximum reliability, single stage pump unit with durable structure
  • equipment mobility, flexibility of discharge piping systems
  • versatile use anywhere in the mine
  • flawless start and run
  • continuous pumping stations monitoring
  • remote management from control center or via web interface on mobile communication device
  • simplicity of operation and administration
  • modules are without the need for constant management, control safety
  • modularity of all components for easy maintenance

Serial connected cascade of pumps to achieve sufficient transport elevation in automatic control mode:


Options of serial pump configuration for adaptation to terrain conditions with equal transport elevation:


Parallel connection of pumps and its automatic power regulation according to water level:

Benefits and features of Modular Water Dewatering System:

Minimization of silt and mud water pumping

During rains every strip mine faces problem with excessive water feed which flows to lowest points in mine, mud water or silt then cumulates in the pumping station basins and cause problems with submersion of its stationary parts.

Compared to that, modular system uses vertical pump located on floating platform, whose suction basket is always moving closely below the current water surface. This solution leads to minimization of mud suction, pump clogging and it enables safe flooding of the upper levels of the pumping station. During emergency situations after heavy rains when undissolved matter and mud water threaten to overflow the basin, this system ensures that the pumping continues for longest time before actual basin silt cleaning ensues.

Rapid solution to emergency situations

The system consists of multiple pumping units and respective electrical control substations, which based on an application that requires vast and specific dewatering power, can be combined into serial or parallel connection in accordance to dewatering power requirements and height of the required transportation.

System mobility is ensured by keeping the pumping units in the mine without any anchoring, pumps are stored on rigid drag sleds and they can be easily moved as per need.

Flexibility of water displacement facilitates use of elastic PE-HD (High-Density Polyethylene) pipeline (delivered in 100m to 200m long sections) which can adequately copy mine surface. Pipelines are placed outdoors without any restrictions, it provides easy access to reconstruction or repair.

This system including the pumping stations can be swiftly reconstructed, adjusted or moved over great distances, all this without the need to utilize heavy machinery. It is the main go-to system to handle emergency situations in most strip-mines.

Simplicity of operation and administration

Administration of automated pumping stations is handled from compact mobile electro-substations. For assuring maximal reliability, all mechanical and electrical components are designed in way that minimizes the need for accompanying electrical systems. This strengthens the resistance against dust, power fluctuation and difficult weather conditions.

Whole dewatering system runs as an entirely automated entity in standard operation, regularly, respective pumping stations run in set parameters: system power-on water level height, system power-off water level height, draining power in liters per second. Each status of the system for example: run, stand-by, error is additionally accompanied by local visual light signals, which are placed on every respective substation.

Personnel who, in case of need, administer the pumping station in manual mode are alerted by visual and acoustic signalization on pumping station current status. Manual administration basically means only switching between start, stop and stand-by on respective electrical control substation, the control panel itself is situated in protected control box on side of the substation.


Automation and continuous operation monitoring

Dewatering system and its pumping stations are fully monitored. All substation statuses, events and alarms are wirelessly transferred to control center and displayed on large-screen monitors. From this control center, entire dewatering system can also be administrated.

All data transfers are secured via closed network in which are connected respective pumping substations and other auxiliary dewatering equipment.

Interconnection communication technology ensures data transfer between respective pumping stations in the system. Thanks to this technology there is a continuous monitoring of operation status. In case of a sub module failure, the entire pump station is safely switched off to avoid further unnecessary errors on the inter-linked machinery and electrical equipment.

In case of connection error in the control center, respective pumping stations are working automatically onward based on specified parameters. After the connection has been reestablished, data will be resynchronized and control system will be updated.

Remote management via web interface

Within the scope of remote management, the pumping stations can be managed even via mobile communication device. Authorized personnel can connect via web interface to pumping stations and view status, errors and they are alerted every time alarm occurs. Thanks to this it is possible to manage all current issues even emergency situations remotely and organize technician’s work and repairs.

Modular dewatering system in strip mines is very reliable, effective and variable for both constant and emergency situations. Its operation is automated, easy to use and very clear. Among other things, properties of the system decrease requirements for number of maintenance personnel and since the system is undemanding it ensures steady continuous material mining.

Reliability, Simplicity, Versatility

Basic modular dewatering system elements are horizontal and vertical pumps. Even though size of the pumps in modules is individual (as per client requirements), due to necessary handling in extreme conditions and during repairs, we recommend tested smaller single stage pump units. Apart from better mobility its undisputable advantage is long-term reliability due to durable structure and very high resistance to material flow inside the pipeline along with drained mine water. Pump units in recommended models achieve high reliability, furthermore they lasts up to 20 years of operation without the need for hydraulic components replacement.

All mechanical and electrical components of the dewatering system are modular. Versatility of the entire system reduces time for eventual repairs, parts replacement, simplifies orientation and maintenance for service technicians and significantly reduces amount of stocked spare parts.

Basic technical specifications

Pump output166-200 l/s
Transport elevation (1 modul)25-65 m
Solid particle allowance80 mm
PE HD pipingdiameter 100 mm
Pipe length / reel
100 / 200 m
* Other options on request