Automatic sampler for sample collection from belt conveyors

The industrial sampling unit is fully automated device for the regular collection and processing of samples in accordance with standards for solid fuel sampling. The device retrieves samples from belt conveyors or transfer points even in case of high transportation speed.

Basic description

The rotary hammer sample cutter is attached to the belt conveyor frame. According to the requirements of the relevant standards, the rotary hammer cuts the full cross-section of the material stream on the main conveyor at constant speed. In each sampling cycle, one sample increment is taken, delivered to the belt feeder and evenly dosed for coarse crushing to the 10 mm granularity. The sample is further divided using the programmable divider and either stored to the sample container or further processed by fine crushing. The unused material is returned to the main conveyor. If required by the application, the sample processing line can be equipped by on-line analyzer, collection of particle size distribution sample, homogenization buffer for gross sample or sample splitter. An automatic carousel can be used to collect samples separately into multiple containers.

Rapid analysis of sample

The sampler can be equipped by the unit for rapid sample analysis which is installed on the feeding or reject conveyor. The unit evaluates ash content, moisture and calorific value.

Work safety

The automatic sampler is thoroughly secured to prevent damages. In case that the sample cutter does not reach its home position within required time, the main conveyor is stopped to prevent conveyor overload or sampler destruction.

Sample representativeness

Primary sample increments are collected on timer basis. According to the information of batch size the control system chooses the optimal frequency of primary samples to achieve required amount of final sample for laboratory analysis. The detectors ensure that the sample timers are running only in case that the main conveyor is in operation and there is sufficient material layer for sampling.

Storage of collected samples

Depending on the method of further processing, the material is taken either into a collecting vessel to perform the granulometry test, or proceeds through a system of hammer mills where it is crushed to a grain size of 0-3 mm. As per individual application requirements the samples are stored into containers after division. Before storing into containers the samples can be mixed and divided at the homogenization splitter, where equal parts of the same sample are stored into several containers. To store different samples separately into different containers there can be utilized the rotating carousel for sample separation according to further criteria. If the sampler is equipped for particle size distribution sampling, the primary samples taken from the main conveyor can be redirected immediately to the special container without further processing.

Control system, power feed and operation

The automatic sampler is powered from the control cabinet with power and control circuits. The cabinet is usually installed close to the sampler line. The cabinet door carries the control buttons with signaling and rugged easy-to-use industrial control screen. There it is possible to set the sampling parameters, timing of the sample collection, startup of individual devices, view alarms and faults, watch the operational status of each device, number of executed sample increments, sample increment timers, time until next increment, etc.

Integration with online mining quality control system

The control system of the automatic sampler can be integrated with superior SCADA system or mining quality control system as per customer requirement (ModBus, ProfiBus, Ethernet, etc.).

General technical data

Conveyor belt width*Up to 2 200 mm
Speed of conveyor belt*Up to 5 m/sec
Sampled material*Lignite, Hard coal, Other bulk materials
Granularity of sampled material*0 – 250 mm
Final sample granularityas per requirement, min. 0 – 3 mm
Quantity of final sampleas per regulations & customer requirement
Homogenization of final sampleas per regulations & customer requirement
No. of final sample containers*Max. 16
Volume of final sample*Max. 80 l
Overall dimensionsAs per individual design
Power feed*3 NPE 400 VAC/50Hz, TN - S,
3 PEN 400 VAC/50 Hz,
Environmental protectionIP 65 (Ex zone 22)
Working temperature-40°C / +55°C
OuputsModBus, ProfiBus, Ethernet
* Other options on request



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