Oxygen analyzers

AE5 and AE8 series oxygen analyzers are intended for determination of the absolute oxygen content in the flue gases or other gas mixtures in industry. The productline offers solution from simple applications up to demanding high-temperature applications in chemical industry. The oxygen content value helps to reach optimal heating efficiency and minimize environmental pollution.

Oxygen Analyzer AE5 series

Compact version of the analyzer for accurate measurement of residual oxygen at flue gas temperatures up to 400 °C. This analyzer is suitable for thermal installations whose design ensures sufficient reference air in the mounting flange and that the ambient temperature does not exceed 60 °C. Its advantage is, among other things, easy installation and quick commissioning.

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Oxygen Analyzer AE8 series

Modular version of the analyzer for demanding applications, enabling precise measurement of residual oxygen at flue gas temperatures up to 1000 °C. Thanks to the separate control and calibration module with reference air intake, this device can be operated reliably in environments with generally more demanding working conditions even with higher dustiness. Not only this analyzer is extremely useful for combustion evaluation but also it finds its uses in chemical industry. The detection part of the analyzer allows installation on the flange at ambient temperature up to 80 °C.

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