Fever detection system

Thermal cameras – automatic contactless measurement

System features:

  •  Ready-to-use compact solution, 
  • Pre-configured camera + PC,
  • Automatic face detection,
  • 1-2s analysis time, automatic fever alarm,
  • Image recording archive,
  • Very easy application, available also for very dusty environment in heavy industry,
  • Possibility of integration into existing CCTV system,
  • Possibility to build a large thermal imaging system according to customer needs,
  • Can be used for monitoring of drivers when entering to the factory,


  •  Thermovision camera with special HTC upgrade for accurate measure and evaluation of human temperature, 
  • Camera mounts,
  • Mini PC with software,
  • LCD display,
  • Interconnection wiring,

Optional functionality:

  •  Additional CCTV camera, 
  • Integration with access control systems,
  • Simultaneous detection of multiple faces,

The compact solution works immediately after installation, there are no extra installation costs. The PC and camera are pre-configured from Enelex, all necessary SW included and installed.