The AE5 series oxygen analyzers

The AE5 series oxygen analyzers are intended for determination of the absolute oxygen content directly in the flue gas ducts. Absolute content of residual oxygen in gases released during the combustion or chemical processes is one of the most important indicators to control the process. The oxygen content value helps to reach optimal heating efficiency and minimize environmental pollution.

Basic description

AE5 series oxygen analyzers represent the new generation of compact solution based on the concept of well-proven type AE500.T. The basic measurement element is the solid electrolyte ZrO sensor placed inside the ducting in the flow of analyzed flue gases. The sensor is stored in a ceramic case with heating element which keeps the sensor in its working temperature, approx. 700°C. The protective and supporting stainless steel cover attached to the mounting flange passes through the wall of the ducting.

The control box placed at the outer end of the probe cover contains electronics and also other equipment necessary for the device operation. The reference air filter, power supply connectors, communication connectors and optionally the calibration gas input are located at the bottom face of the box.

The calibration handling can be done without analyzer dismounting. Depending on a type of analyzer construction it can be calibrated in two points (air and one calibration gas), it can be calibrated in four points (air + 3 calibration gases) if the analyzer is equipped with the calibration gas entry.


  • User-friendly operation
  • Compact design
  • Low operation costs
  • Measurement directly in the flue gas stream, no need of sampling equipment
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Immediate response to the oxygen content change
  • Simple semiautomatic calibration
  • Easy replacement of the measuring sensor and a basic calibration

Analyzer’s functions

  • Online displaying of measured values
  • Error state signaling
  • Probe wear-out measurement
  • Verification of basic calibration on the air oxygen with no need of dismantling
  • Semiautomatic calibration in 2 to 4 points (depending on type)
  • Possibility of remote controlling using the ModBus protocol

Sample applications

Power and heating industry
Continuous measurement of oxygen and its subsequent
regulation to optimum value guarantees decrease of amount
of fuel and emissions.

Incineration plants
Controlled burning of waste increases efficiency of the process
and helps to reduce emissions.

Annealing furnaces
Control of the atmosphere in the annealing and tempering
of metal products is important in terms of surface quality.

Chemical industry
Optimization of parameters in chemical processes, monitoring
of gaseous mixture of against explosion and inflammation

System configuration

Basic technical parameters

Power supply230 V, 50 Hz
Protection outside the boilerIP65
Power input100 VA
Measurement range0 - 21% O2
O2 change response timestandard 1 sec.
O2 O measurement accuracy± 0,1% O2
Assembly flange ambient temperature (outside the boiler)max. 60°C
Flue gases temperaturemax. 400°C
Max. underpressure or overpressure of the measured environment4 kPa
OutputsCurrent 4-20 mA, Modbus RTU (RS485), measurement validity (relay dry contact)
Probe length*350 mm, 500 mm, 1200 mm
Weight (incl. mounting flange)17 kg
Dimensions (outside the boiler) WxHxD225 x 180 x 300 mm
* Other options on request

Serie AE5 – overview

Type/Obj.n.ProbeType of constructionDescription
AE501350 mmBasic
(2 point calibration)
Compact analyzer,
350 mm probe
AE502500 mmBasic
(2 point calibration)
Compact analyzer,
500 mm probe
AE5031200 mmBasic
(2 point calibration)
Compact analyzer,
1200 mm probe
AE511350 mmCalibration gas input,
4 point calibration
Compact analyzer
calibration input
and 350 mm probe
AE512500 mmCalibration gas input,
4 point calibration
Compact analyzer
calibration input
and 500 mm probe
AE5131200 mmCalibration gas input,
4 point calibration
Compact analyzer
calibration input
and 1200 mm probe


Sensor cover with filter can be simply removed to change the sensor