CQMS – production line for optimization of fuel quality

The CQMS production line was designed on the basis of customer need – underground mine and processing plant of coal in
Darkov OKD which produces washed coal and the coal waste as well (coal sludges and middlings).
The coal waste can be used very effectively for blending of optimal fuel mixture.
It significantly increases the production of mine and processing plant as well with respect to all quality parameters (ash content,
calorific value) of coal which is sold.
The basis of the whole system is our special SW, automatized management system and system of online coal quality analyzers.
The system works completely automatically on the basis of inputted parameters of coal.
This blending system can be easily applied wherever the optimal fuel mixture is required (open pit and underground mines,
coal processing plants, power plants, coal terminals etc.)


  • Increasing of profit (for mines, processing plants and power plants)
  • The mine can sell the full range of coal extracted (also mine lifetime extended)
  • Improvement of coal treatment process and final product in processing plants
  • The coal burning process in power plant becomes more effective (also fuel saving)
  • Minimization of boiler shutdowns in power plants (lower operating costs)
  • Decreasing of air pollution in power plants